Safety and Security Measures

In a residential school set up providing safety and security to students becomes the bounden duty of the school administration since the parents have entrusted their children into the custody of the school. Establishing an efficient system of monitoring and diligence among all the members of the staff is very important.

Following are some measures to ensure safety and security of the students in the campus and when they are under our charge:

  1. Take Official inspection rounds of every nook and corner of the campus and record suggestions and follow up on compliance.
  2. Put several system in place for attendance, central roll call, House monitoring, daily and Holiday routine. MOD Duties, inter and intra house activities, entertainment, celebrations and observations of important days, academic monitoring, distribution of daily use items, functioning of tuck shop, local telephone, sports and games, locking of dormitories, attending to repairs and regular maintenance, water supply etc.
  3. Conduct regular meetings with student’s prefects, House Masters, Subject Committees, class teachers, parents of specific classes. Keep the lines of free communication open at all times. Listen more than talking.
  4. Keep a close watch on the academic performance. Interact with those who are low in score and encourage them. Provide help in time. Tag them with teachers and peer. Form pastoral group.
  5. Screen the students to find out their interest in studies, adjustment in the school environment, stress symptoms, fears, harassment, needs pocket money balance, Unseen ailment (scabies, disorders etc.)
  6. Recognize adolescent children as a positive and valuable resource that should be appreciated, respected and nurtured to realize their abundant potential. Invite their suggestions for tackling issues, problems, improving services etc. Ideas generated from their level are more easily accepted than those imposed from above. This approach is to be used at class level, House/wing level. Mess committee, sports committee level etc.
  7. Read the MOD report without fail. Give utmost importance to it and also follow up on suggestion.
  8. Ensure that House staff performs their duties with dedication. Train them on the job.
  9. M & R should be done in time on priority basis. Utmost priority to be given to improving the living condition in the hostels, staff quarters, class rooms. The M & R committee should meet and decide which works to be attended first.
  10. Ensure that running water is available; power supply is available, safety lights are in working condition. Hazardous places are dealt, loose wire, broken switches are not there, hot water is supplied during severe winters, and proper drinking water is provided 24X7.
  11. Ensure proper functioning of tuck shop and pay phones as per guidelines.
  12. Keep the grievance box and encourage the students to give suggestions for improvement.
  13. Ensure that AEP activities are conducted meaningfully (For JNVs of Bihar state)
  14. Provide justice to staff, students and parents so that there are no hurt burns.
  15. Develop the campus very systematically with landscaping and well groomed play fields. Make every stake holder proud of the school. Heighten the sense of belongingness goodwill.

Some other important points related to safety and security:

  1. All fire extinguishers shall be checked; expired one’s shall be refilled and placed in position.
  2. The sand Buckets shall be painted and put in place.
  3. Boundary wall/fencing shall be checked & repaired wherever found damaged.
  4. Locking arrangement of terrace doors of dormitory & school buildings shall be ensured.
  5. Food waste shall be disposed of preferably in a compost pit about 150 to 200 mtr. away from habitat area in the JNV campus.
  6. Open wells shall be covered with Grills and kept locked.
  7. MCB’s should be locked, etc.