Master On Duty (M.O.D)

It is requested that Duties and Responsibilities of MOD may be brought to the notice of all teachers in the Navodaya Vidyalayas and all JNVs may be directed to use the revised formats for reporting for uniformity in all JNVs.

  1. The Master on Duty will submit the report to the principal in the prescribed format before Morning Assembly on next day.
  2. He / She (MOD) will start with arouser and end duties with light out at night.
  3. He / She will supervise the arrangements at the time morning assembly & all Vidyalaya functions.
  4. He / She will ensure that all students behave properly during school functions.
  5. He / She will supervise all the meals & refreshments.
  6. He / She will supervise all roll calls. If any student is missing, will immediately report to the concerned house master & Principal.
  7. He / She will be present on the ground during morning PT & Evening Games.
  8. He / She will enquire about sick students from the staff nurse of the Vidyalaya.
  9. He / She will verify attendance of the students during afternoon remedial & evening supervised classes.
  10. He / She will ensure punctuality of all school activities.
  11. He / She will report any damage to the school property to Principal, if noticed on the day of duty.
  12. He / She will report about indiscipline or serious incidents to the Principal, if any, noticed on the day of duty.
  13. He / She will ensure that drinking water arrangements in the academic block & hostels are available.
  14. He / She will make suggestions in all school activities based upon his / her observations.
  15. He / She will be easily available all the time & should not leave the campus without permission.


  • Any untoward incident or any other matter requiring immediate attention of the Principal should be brought to his notice without any delay.
  • If duty officer is not able to perform duties on the prescribed day, he/she will inform the Principal well in time.